Brand Identity Development

Below is some of my prior work with logo design / brand identity projects. Some of them were for companies, others were for visual representations of a book, a program,  or an idea.

Creating an iconic and distinct brand identity is all about leaning into what makes you and your idea or organization unique and stand out from the crowd. It goes beyond just having a nice logo to put on some business cards…this is about capturing the essence of who you are and letting that come to life with all of the visual elements of your organization or project.

As an example of taking “branding” beyond just a logo, this is the logo that I came up with for Reformation Designs – the design and consulting agency that my partner and I founded in 2011. 

There have been numerous iterations of this logo over the years, and this has been the one that we have stuck with the longest. It also is the logo that we’ve integrated into the most marketing materials like clothing, business cards, signage, flyers, banners, sponsored ads, and more.

The chevron icon was decided on to signify always choosing to move forward in the creation of the life that we are building and a better future. We chose “Reformation Designs” as the brand name as a nod to the fact that we truly can create new things and ‘reform’ ourselves and the world we live in through the power of creativity and self-expression. The latest version of the chevron icon that you see at the top of this page is what I have chosen to continue to use going forward on this site as a throwback to the business that got me started.

Creativity & making ideas happen is what I do.

I'm here to help you look good, work smarter, and make more money so that you can focus on what really matters. My team and I help bridge the gap between concept and reality and we are here to help bring your ideas to life. So let's get this party started - click below to book some time to connect and reach out!

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