Bringing ideas to life always starts out with a flash of a concept and a rough idea of what it is that you’re wanting to make. Visually communicating those initial concepts can often be a substantial challenge to overcome, especially in a workplace environment or when working with a team of people. With recent advancements in artificial intelligence and other imaging software, those challenges are no longer the hurdle they once were.

For context, I’ve leveraged these tools to produce over 80,000 unique images in less than one year. That’s wild. In over 30 years of using digital design tools, I have never come across something that has supercharged my creative output like some of the latest AI image tools. Below are some of my recent favorites, made with a combination of digital and traditional tools – as well as options for learning how you can, too.


One of the coolest things about so many of these tools is that you can create characters that never before existed. Especially for videogame, comics, and film nerds like myself…this is game-changing!


One of the coolest things about so many of these tools is that you can create original characters and stories like never before. Especially for video game, comics, and film nerds like me…this is game-changing! You can even learn how to use the software to create characters that look just like you and your friends. Just FYI - these AI models aren’t great at rendering hands in some situations, so you may notice that a bit 🙂


Creating environments and scenes for stories, films, graphic novels, games, and anything else you can imagine has never been so within reach for so many. Below are some of my favorites in the scene design arena.

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